Living with Kundalini


This is the extraordinary biographical account of the author's experience of the mysterious Kundalini Power. It is a book that has already become a classic in its field, widely read and quoted by writers on mysticism and consciousness research. "Suddenly, with a roar like a waterfall, I felt a stream of liquid light entering my brain through the spinal cord. . . . I felt the point of consciousness that was my self growing wider, surrounded by waves of light." This sudden awakening of Kundalini, the result of many years of intensive meditation, endangered his health and even his life many times over the following years until he learned to live with it and cooperate with the biological changes it brought about in his brain and body.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Awakening of Kundalini
  1. Recollections of Childhood
  2. Life in the village of Gairoo
  3. Memories of High School
  4. Lessons Learned from My Father
  5. Mother Arranges My Marriage
  6. Fighting Against Corruption
  7. Stumbling Blocks in the Path of Evolution
  8. Living Through a Prolonged Nightmare
  9. An Unearthly Radiance Filled My Head
  10. Still No Sign of Miraculous Psychic Powers
  11. Perennially Conscious of an Inner Luminosity
  12. The Transformative Power of the Divine Energy
  13. The Cause of All Genuine Spiritual Phenomena
  14. Losing Hope, I Prepared for Death
  15. Stretching Our Immeasurably in All Directions
  16. A Triumph of Love
  17. More and More, I Returned Towards Normal Living
  18. The Marvelous Ingenuity of Nature
  19. A Complete Metamorphosis in Consciousness
  20. Creating a Mental Climate to Remove the Threat of War

The truthful unembellished account of a normal life unfolded in these pages before the sudden development of the extraordinary mental and nervous condition already described is, I believe, sufficient to provide ample corroboration for the fact that initially I was no better and no worse as a human being than others, and did not possess any entirely uncommon characteristics such as are usually associated with those of vision, entitling me to special divine favor. Also that the final exceptional state of consciousness which I continue to possess now did not appear all at once, but marked the culmination of a continuous process of biological reconstruction covering no less than fifteen years before the first unmistakable sign of a new florescence.

400 pages, 5 ¼" x 8 ¼", paperback. Shambhala Publications Inc., 1993, ISBN 0-87773-947-1.

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