The Purpose of Yoga


What enabled the Egyptians to design and construct the Great Pyramid? How did the ancient Maya develop a calendar more accurate than our own? How did the backward Dogon tribe in Africa learn precise details of the star Sirius and its dwarf twin when the latter is invisible to the naked eye? How can we account for child prodigies and geniuses? Gopi Krishna asserts that a new activity of the cerebro-spinal system and the opening of a super-sensory channel in the brain provides the answers to these riddles and that Yoga is the basis of a new super-science which will allow access to this new state of awareness.

Table of Contents

  1. The Purpose of Yoga
  2. Evolution and the Science of Consciousness
  3. The Role of Intellect
  4. The Inadequacy of Science
  5. The Direction of Future Research
  6. The Sirius Mystery
  7. The Riddle of the Mayan Calendar
  8. The Marvels of the Great Pyramid
  9. The Wonder-Grammar of Panini
  10. Child Prodigies, Genius, Yoga and Evolution
  11. The Practice of Yoga

The vast gulf between the mind of man and that of the higher animals is an open book to everyone. What man has achieved with this exceptional intellectual gifts and the capacity for linguistic expression is nothing short of magic when compared to the highest potential present in animals. It is an enigma to me why the learned should stop dead at the present frontier and stubbornly refuse to believe that the human brain, but a more elaborate form of the animal organ, can take a leap into an even more extended state of consciousness with still more amazing gifts and properties that appear incredible or magical to the normal mind. If this position is admitted and confirmed in hundreds of authentic documents, coming from the remotest antiquity, is it not time that open-minded seekers after knowledge should refrain from resorting to sensational explanations for the exceptional and the paranormal and turn their attention to a fresh study of the still mysterious human encephalon?

142 pages, 5 " x 8 ", paperback. UBSPD Ltd., New Delhi, 1993, ISBN 81-85674-97-3. (Formerly Yoga--A Vision of Its Future)

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