The Shape of Events to Come


This book represents the first writings Gopi Krishna received in a higher dimension of consciousness after his spiritual transformation was more or less complete in the early 1950's. Some sections were expanded later, but the basic message remained the same: World Wars are a sign of obstructed evolution, and a divided human race is unsafe in the nuclear age. Like "The Present Crisis," it is not a prophecy in the generally accepted meaning of the term; rather, it is a prognosis of the events to come as revealed in a state of consciousness far different from anything that can be experienced by a normal mind. A prolonged violation of evolutionary laws inevitably leads to revolutions, riots and wars.

Table of Contents

  1. World Wars: A Sign of Obstructed Evolution
  2. Nuclear Weapons are a Symptom of Abnormality
  3. Modern war is an Inferno Actualized
  4. Religion as the Mouthpiece of the Evolutionary Impulse
  5. A Divided Mankind Unsafe in the Atomic Age
  6. Why Another World War is Inevitable

This false, deceptive glamor, pomp and show,
In which pretentious vanity delights,
Nemesis will into disorder throw,
And on more sober lines rebuild the sites.
For nature has decreed that every time
Man barters his soul to indulge his lust,
All that he harvests by this heinous crime
Against himself, will be reduced to dust.

This age of boundless wealth, uncounted goods
And endless wonders, which grow day by day,
May end soon, for on it disaster broods,
And scorching hurricanes are on the way
To close an era that has grown too rich
And reckless for man’s health and safety both,
And, if not ended at this moment, which
Would seriously distort his inner growth.

Why view the future with a sinking heart,
And try to find retreats to escape the doom,
The Lesson is designed to cause a smart,
For wholesale healthy changes to make room.

115 pages, 5 ¼" x 8 ¼", paperback.

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