The Fiery Muse


275 pages, 6"x9", paperback.

The Fiery Muse weaves the stories of the impassioned lives of great visionaries, such as St. Hildegard of Bingen, Rumi and Walt Whitman, together with those of everyday people—who range from teachers and homemakers to artists and actors—to show how the creative spirit can transform your life. Also included are the stories of the celebrated: British composer John Tavener describes how he is “steeped in the holy ethos” of his work; renowned Jungian analyst Marion Woodman explains how embracing images from our unconscious can unleash powerful waves of creativity; and ground-breaking Sylvia Fraser illustrates how the creative process can heal wounds we never even knew we had. With exercises that can focus creative energy, increase inspiration and still the harsh inner voice of criticism, The Fiery Muse will help you embrace the light of creativity within.

Table of Contents

  1. Creativity, Consciousness, and the Evolving Spirit
  2. Whispering Flames
  3. Lighting the Way
  4. Love’s Sweet Song
  5. God Is All There Is_All There Is, Is God
  6. A Flute and the Holy Player
  7. O! For a Muse of Fire
  8. My Heart Became Like a Pen
  9. Searing Flames, Cooling Light
  10. On Becoming a Praise Singer

Although the deep-seated urge to create sometimes appears gradually during the long-term practice of a spiritual discipline, its appearance can also be sudden and powerful. When this occurs, it is often associated with either a change in the spiritual practice itself or some type of unusual spiritual experience that can include anything from a near-death or mystical experience to a classical kundalini awakening.

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