The Divine Feminine Fire


319 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", paperback.

This is a book about our yearning - our desire to know our true nature, to ease the suffering we see around us, to save Mother Earth, and to express out true selves creatively. For, amazing as it may seem, our desire to be creative is fueled by the same cosmic force that triggers our longing to do good in the world. Called Shakti in yoga, this divine feminine energy is not just the creative force of the cosmos but also the creative force within each one of us.

In The Divine Feminine Fire you'll delve into the myths and sacred stories that unveil Shakti's mysterious workings, explore the stunning parallels to Shekinah and Sophia in Judaism and Christianity, and be inspired by both fiery women mystics and people like you.

Table of Contents

  1. The Call of the Creative Spirit
  2. I Burn, Desiring What the Heart Desires
  3. The Great Battle Between Yearning and Fear
  4. A Supreme, Fiery, and Feminine Force
  5. The Never-setting Splendorous Sun
  6. The Breath of Wisdom
  7. The Goddess Hidden in the Body
  8. In Body, In Spirit
  9. My Lover, My Longing
  10. A Fish Doesn't Drown, A Bird Doesn't Fall
  11. I Must Sing, Dance, Hear, Tell!
  12. Love Begin the Song, And Let Me Hear How Well You Sing
  13. Tantra and the Transmutation of Desire
  14. Shiva, Shakti, and the Balance of Power
  15. The Precious Juice of Grace

It is this force I’m referring to when I talk about the feminine fire. This feminine fire is a primordial, elemental force that is powerful beyond our wildest imaginings. It is, in fact, power itself. Ironically, I didn’t discover anything about how this concept is viewed in the Judeo-Christian tradition as Sophia and the Jewish mystical tradition as Shekinah until years after I had begun learning about it in the rich sacred tradition known as Tantra and the philosophical teachings that form the basis of hatha yoga. There, this feminine, generative force is know as Shakti. Shakti is, thus, the creative force that has generated the entire cosmos into existence. But her role doesn’t end there. Once the cosmos has been created, she continues to propel evolution throughout time. Her job is not just to create more creatures and more highly advanced creatures, but also to bring the myriad forms of existence closer and closer to God Consciousness until, ultimately, all creation is propelled in a vast circle that leads it back to the One. In this sense, Shakti is the evolutionary force. As this great cosmic power, Shakti is sometimes envisioned as a great goddess, indeed the greatest of all goddesses, who is known as Kundalini.

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