Other Sites of Interest


  • Emerging Sciences Foundation - Investigating the biological and evolutionary implications of such phenomena oas religion, spirituality, and mystical or transcendental experience.
  • Teri Degler - Author, lecturer, and Kundalini researcher Teri Degler will inspire you with her unique approach to integrating spiritual living with creativity. She has been involved in Kundalini research since the 1970's, and is author of "The Divine Feminine Fire" and "The Fiery Muse"
  • Kundalini Research Foundation (KRF) - The KRF was founded at the the request of Gopi Krishna by Gene Kieffer.
  • Patanjali Kundalini Yoga Care - A spiritual direction service that offers individual guidance for qualified spiritual seekers of all traditions. PKYC seeks to guide serious spiritual aspirants in how to live a healthy, spiritual lifestyle, designed to carefully accelerate spiritual progress by properly cooperating with Kundalini Shakti’s efforts to complete her rising.
  • Kundalini Research Network - The KRN is an international group of health care professionals, researchers, scholars, and individuals interested in the investigation of Kundalini and related phenomena.
  • Golden Flower Meditation - Author and experienced meditator, JJ Semple, presents insightful tips on Kundalini through his books, website, and consultations.
  • The Illumination of Dr. Bucke - The late Susan Maynard’s family has now published a book of her writings on Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke, whose book "Cosmic Consciousness" has been in print for more than 100 years. Susan’s book can be ordered from this site, which also contains a slide presentation of her work.

Related Blogs

  • Kundalini Splendor - Kundalini Research Network researcher Dorothy Walters' presents stirring poetry and Kundalini articles.
  • The Secrets of Symbolism and Myth - Joe Alexander provides amazing insights into the symbolism of Kundalini present in various myths of the world.
  • The Official Kundalini Blog - Hosted by Gene Kieffer, President and Co-Founder with Pandit Gopi Krishna of the Kundalini Research Foundation, Ltd.