A Brief History of Kundalini

History of Kundalini

Find out how evidence for the existence of knowledge of Kundalini can be found in many different cultures and spiritual traditions of the past. 

Find out why Kundalini links the mystical traditions of most faiths, and what features they have in common.

The history and culture of India are permeated with images and references to Kundalini.  Here are a few of the most prominent.

The secret behind both alchemy and magic is Kundalini. 

Although some of the deities and symbols of Kundalini of the Indian tradition have close parallels in the ancient Egyptian culture, it was developed and used for a very different purpose.

Learn about some of the similarities, and differences, between Reich's ideas about orgone, and the Indian concept of prana.

Learn about the parallels between 'chi' of the Chinese tradition and prana of the Indian tradition, and the 'backward flowing method'.


Gopi Krishna was a true pioneer in the field of Kundalini research, and has provided a picture of Kundalini that takes the ideas of the ancient traditions and puts them in a modern perspective.


Find out about some of the references to Kundalini in the Bible.