The Unification of Faith and Science

If all life processes are controlled by the super-intelligent prana-Shakti (What is Kundalini?), then it must necessarily be the guiding principle behind evolution.  The verification of this proposition through research on Kundalini will bring about a revolution in our understanding of evolution in the same way that the discovery of microbes and bacteria revolutionized our understanding of illness.

Recognition of the effect that lifestyle has on the evolving brain will make it clear that all aspects of life – our political, religious, economic, educational and social systems – will have to be reevaluated in light of the effect that they have on the health of the evolutionary process.  

It is essential that we use our powerful intellect to become conscious participants in this evolutionary process.  Not only will this ensure that our evolution proceeds in a healthy way, but will accelerate its pace so that the goal of cosmic consciousness is achieved much more rapidly.

With the acceptance of further evolution will also come the recognition that neither science nor faith has all the answers.  Faith must, like everything else we know of, continue to change, grow and evolve in step with our expanding knowledge of creation.

A New Understanding of the Role of Science

Some scientists are realizing that the acceptance of consciousness as an inherent aspect of reality does not invalidate or contradict the knowledge it has gained of the physical universe.  It simply means that this knowledge is part of a much greater whole, and that our exploration of reality is only just beginning.

As the evolution of our species proceeds, and new faculties of mind such as cosmic consciousness begin to appear in more and more people, as a result of the Kundalini process, science will have to expand its horizons to include non-physical aspects of creation invisible to us today.

A stained glass window from 1890 by Louis Tiffany, representing the unification of science and faith

Education (1890), a stained glass window by Louis Tiffany located at Yale University.
It depicts Science (personified by Devotion, Labor, Truth, Research and Intuition) and
Religion (personified by Purity, Faith, Hope, Reverence and Inspiration) in harmony,
presided over by the central personification of Light-Love-Life.

Eventually, the gap between faith and science will lessen, and finally vanish as our understanding of evolution and consciousness progresses.  It is only when that happens that we will be able to live in harmony with our planet, each other, and all other life.