Some Characteristics of a Kundalini Process


  • Feeling of energy flowing in the nerves and along the spinal cord
  • Kriyas (involuntary body movements)
  • Mudras (involuntary body postures)
  • Sensations of excess heat in the body, beyond what is considered normal
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Undiagnosable, transient health problems
  • Hyperactivity of the sex organs and orgasmic sensations along the spinal cord

Mental / Emotional

  •   Heightened mental activity or awareness
  •   Creative impulses and a desire to take up some type of artistic or creative endeavor
  •   Enhanced intuition
  •   Psychic sensitivity and paranormal abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, precognition, prophetic dreams, out-of-body experiences, awareness of the thoughts and emotions of others, etc.
  •   Perception of light, internally or externally
  •   Extreme mood swings -- periods of ecstasy or bliss possibly alternating with depression or lethargy
  •   Profound changes in the personality
  •   Obsessive / compulsive behavior or other neuroses, usually transient
  •   Difficulty focusing the mind
  •   Fear that one is ‘going crazy’


  • Expansion of consciousness and a feeling of unity with the divine, and / or the universe
  • Desire to take up a spiritual practice
  • Need to lead a less materialistic lifestyle, and to do works of charity