Therapy & Mental Health Issues

One common characteristic of a Kundalini process is heightened sensitivity of the brain and nervous system. This type of change can lead to great benefits, such as inspired creativity. But it can also have the effect of magnifying various quirks or imperfections in our psychological makeup so that they become more problematic. This is the reason why many great geniuses were also highly eccentric.

In some cases various neuroses or even psychoses may manifest. But if efforts are made to facilitate the process (as outlined in the Lifestyle section), these difficulties could eventually abate.

Although ‘spiritual process’ has now been formally recognized in the psychiatric Diagnostic Services Manual edition 4 (DSM 4), many therapists in both the psychological and psychiatric communities remain unaware of this, and have little or no understanding of how this type of process works.

It is to be hoped that knowledge and awareness of Kundalini as a natural process will become more common in the mental health community, so that individuals who are experiencing difficulties can be more effectively helped through facilitation of the process.