Kundalini and Consciousness

Kundalini is the super-intelligent Energy behind consciousness. It is also the evolutionary mechanism which determines the capacity of the brain. The rational mind and the Turiya-consciousness, thought opposite in effect, are both its creations at the base. The profundity of the concept has been thus expressed in Panchastavi:

That which has gone before, that which is to come after, that which is within and that without, the unbounded and the limited, the gross and the most subtle, the manifested and the unmanifested, the open and the secret, the near and the distant, being and non-being, in these and other forms Thou, (O Goddess), art perennially seen as the Universe. It is the movement (creative activity) born of Thee at Thy command which brings the (infinitely varied) Cosmos into being (V.31).

It is an incredibly mysterious Force, a stupendous Almighty Power, an utterly bewildering Magical Stuff which forms the ground of creation. To classify it merely as ‘matter’ and ‘mind’ is to oversimplify a colossal problem to suit it to the understanding of a child.

The recognition of this fact is of incalculable value for the modern world. The Mystery behind creation is not so simple that our puny intellect can fathom it. Carried away by his achievements, man believes that he is the cream of the universe. This has led to an upsurge of pride, especially among the skeptical ranks of science, which is not at all warranted by the actual position.

The real goal in front of man is to know himself. Excessive preoccupation with the outer phenomena rules out the study of That from which they arise. Real achievement does not lie in making a complicated world more complex and in adding to the problems that already exist. It lies in striking a balance between the inner and the outer worlds by which harmony and peace are achieved.

—Gopi Krishna inSecrets of Kundalini in Panchastavi