Kundalini and Evolution

The root cause of the difficulties we now face, is an incomplete understanding of evolution, within both institutionalized religion and science.

One of the primary traits of evolution, since it began many hundreds of millions of years ago, has been a tendency to evolve towards more complex forms of life, with more advanced nervous systems, brains, and mental faculties.

Although there is no reason to suppose that this pronounced trend in evolution should not continue, both faith and science continue to put forth their views as if they firmly believe that the human species, with its powerful intellect, is the furthest point to which evolution can proceed.

It is because of the belief that human evolution is complete that many proponents of religion assume we are capable of apprehending the power behind creation.  It is more likely the case, however, that evolution will have to progress as far from where we are now as we are from a microbe, before we will possess such a faculty (if, indeed, we ever will).

Science’s conviction in its mechanistic beliefs is built upon the supposition that the intellect is the only mental faculty that is possible for apprehending reality. The possibility that the human brain will evolve and change so that it can manifest more advanced faculties of mind is not given the least consideration.

The difficulty lies in the fact that science cannot, at present, envision the nature of more advanced faculties of mind.  But this inability does not in the least affect the possibility of their eventual development.